SaschaIllyvich-CLP Sascha Illyvich was proclaimed by the publishing industry as The Gentleman Playboy of Romance. You wouldn’t think that writing the hottest in romance novels would come easily or naturally to someone who routinely listens to progressive djent-death metal, smokes the finest cigars and drinks only the best in whiskey and wine, but that’s how Sascha Illyvich rolls.  A music fan, avid reader of romance, Sascha has been around the publishing industry watching it grow and change for over 17 years.  Never afraid to try something new, Sascha prides himself on providing a unique perspective in a female dominated genre.

His books have been nominated for awards, and his speaking prowess is impeccable. Sascha Illyvich is a trained and experienced public speaker, and enjoys giving talks and teaching, particularly on aspects of romance, erotic romance, and writing. Sascha has written in a variety of sub genres in romance, ranging from contemporary, to BDSM and paranormal.

“We are the cure for the pain-filled world.”  Sascha said of romance writers.

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The Opeth Pack Saga

His Reign (Book 1) – More Info | Purchase

Raining Kisses (Book 2) – More Info | Purchase

Kisses Fall (Book 3) – More Info | Purchase

Fall Into Love (Book 4) – More Info | Purchase

Loves Haunt (Book 5) – More Info | Purchase

Haunted (Book 6) – More Info | Purchase

Burning Desires

Slow Burn (Book 1) – More Info | Purchase

Saint In Sinner’s Eyes (Book 2) – More Info | Purchase

Stand Alones

Road To Seduction – More Info | Purchase

An Alpha Torn – More Info | Purchase

Submit To Him – More Info | Purchase

A Perfect Fit – More Info | Purchase

A Christmas Favor – More Info | Purchase